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Blue Diamond System Description:

The Dedicated Recirc System converts an existing hot water circulation line into an efficient on-demand delivery system.

The Dedicated Recirc System delivers hot water only when there is a demand:

  • Reducing Energy Costs
  • Virtually Eliminating Pinhole Leaks

When the Flow Monitor detects a hot water demand the Pump Manager turns on the pump and rushes water out to where it is needed.

The Pump Manager will run the pump for approximately 3 minutes (can be adjusted for longer or shorter times) to ensure that hot water is available throughout your home.

Blue Diamond Plumbing Configurations:

Tankless Circulation Line Layout

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Tank Circulation Line Layouts


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Blue Diamond Advantages:
True On-Demand Operation:

A demand from any hot water faucet or appliance in the house will activate the pump.

  • No buttons
  • No remotes
  • No motion sensors
  • No timers
Saves Energy:

As hot water moves through your house, it cools off and needs to be reheated.

By turning off the recirc pump when there is no demand the hot water stays in the water heater which is much more efficient at keeping heat.

  • Studies show that hot water is used less than 2% to 3% of the time. That means, 97% or more of the time you could be saving energy!
  • Extends the life of your pump, pipes and water heating equipment.

Reduces Leaks:

Stopping hot water from circulating in your hot water pipes virtually eliminates pinhole leaks.

  • It allows your water pipes to "heal" themselves by reforming a thin patina on the surface of the pipe
  • 87% of all leaks occur in hot water pipes
Works with tankless water heaters:

Turning on any hot water faucet will start the pump and the water heater. 3 minutes after the demand ends both the pump and the water heater turn off.

  • Does not void manufacturer's warranties like timers or continuous operation will.
Note: Time can be adjusted up or down to better fit your needs.

Blue Diamond Dedicated Recirc System Includes:

Each system contains all of the equipment you will need to convert one dedicated hot water return line to a True On-Demand hot water delivery system.

Circulating pump for dedicated return lines

Circulation Pump

flow switch for recirc pump

Flow Monitor

recirc pump controller

Pump Manager

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