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Turning on any hot water faucet for 1 second, then off will start the system. In 30 to 45 seconds hot water will be waiting for you when you turn the faucet back on.

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Dedicated Recirc Products

Tank and tankless models available.

Tank and tankless models available.

Hot water recirc system for traditional tank style water heaters with dead-end plumbing lines Hot water recirc system for tankless water heaters with dead-end plumbing lines Hot water recirc system for tank style water heaters with hot water recirc lines
WaterQuick Pro II Advanced ™ WaterQuick
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Circulation Systems
For Dead-End Plumbing

Circulation Systems
For Recirc Lines


Uses a flow activated (On-Demand) recirc pump to return cool water in the hot water line to the water heater through the existing cold water lines.

Saves water, time and money!


Our Dedicated Recirc System controls your hot water circulation pump to reduce energy costs and virtually eliminate pinhole leaks.

Saves energy and money!

  • One hot water recirc pump provides faster hot water for the entire house
  • Activated by turning on any hot water faucet in the house
  • Works with tank or tankless water heaters
  • Easy one hour installation
  • Installs out of the way near the water heater
  • Reduces water bill and does not effect the gas bill
  • Works with tank or tankless water heaters
  • Automates hot water circulation line without timers or buttons
  • Activated by turning on any hot water faucet in the house
  • Easy one hour installation
  • Can replace existing pump or on top of water heater
  • Reduces energy (natural gas, propane, heating oil) costs

  • "Product Selection Guide"

    Our first and only question separates those that are wasting water from those that are wasting energy. If you already know that one or the other is your problem go ahead and click on the link that will take you to the appropriate product page. For those who like more details a brief description is included for each answer.

    Q:  Do you get hot water "instantly" or do you wait "forever" while watching water go down the drain?


    Have ever asked yourself "How can I get hot water faster?".

    Water QuickPro II ™ is an affordable, easy to install solution.

    Many of our customers hate to waste water or don't have time to stand around and wait or can't stand to waste money. In fact, for most of our customers it's all of the above.

    Water heaters are located in garages or attics on the side of the house. Usually one or more of the bathrooms or the kitchen is located far from where you need hot water.

    We have heard customers complain of having to wait 45 seconds to 3 or 4 minutes or even longer.

    You no longer have to wait. A typical home can get hot water in 30 to 45 seconds or less without wasting it down the drain!


    Our customers that have answered this question "instantly" have told us they love the convenience of getting hot water quickly but know their energy bill is a lot higher than it needs to be.

    They are wasting energy so that on the few occasions each day they need hot water they don't have to wait for it.

    Some have even said when they asked their plumber why the hot water line is leaking they said it's because the circulation pump is on all of the time and suggested they turn it off.

    If you just turn the pump off you will lower your energy bill and reduce the likelihood of a leak but you will start wasting water while you wait. A better solution is to only turn the pump on when you need hot water which is typically less than 2% to 3% of the time.

    You can have hot water quickly without wasting energy and virtually eliminate pinhole leaks in your hot water pipes.



    Dedicated Recirc System

    Product price list and selection guide.

    Note:    You can get hot water too fast. "Instant" hot water at your faucet means the water lines are always hot. Saves water but wastes a lot of energy (gas, propane or electricity) to keep the pipes hot.

    Common terms referring to hot water pumps used to circulate hot water:
    • Circulation pump
    • Circulating pump
    • Circulator pump
    • Recirculation pump
    • Recirculating pump
    • Recirc pump

    *Typical results for a single family home with multiple Bridge Valves as necessary. Your results may vary.
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